Expression deepens impression. Not only upon others, but upon our own hearts and minds. When we recount to others publicly what God has done for us privately, it not only inspires others, but it also strengthens our faith and gives us victory over the enemy (Rev. 12:11)! Have you been blessed by the Revelation of Hope Ministries? If so, please take a moment to share a brief testimony of what God has done for you.


Good morning,

This past Sabbath I was visiting the SF Central church. My heart was deeply touched by Pastor Pacleb’s message. I felt like the whole sermon the Lord had prepared it FOR ME only, and the other people just happened to be there that Sabbath as well. I am a Reuben, and my whole life I’ve lived to be a people pleaser, making so many compromises. Never have I realized how much Jesus’ heart has been wounded by my choices, or how my choices had limited my ability to witness to others. Because of my people-pleasing perspective, I ended up in many bad relationships that unfortunately lead me further and further from the Lord to the point of suicidal thoughts. The Lord reached out to me at that time and saved me – PRAISE the LORD! He continues to shed more and more light to me with every day that passes by – such as the people pleasing perspective that made me feel so empty and alone.


Dear Pastor Taj,

I am Naomi, Akhil’s wife writing to you. We are originally from Bangalore, India settled in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, Akhil works for the Stockholm University as Director of Studies for the International Relations (Undergraduate) programme. I have applied for jobs and may His will alone be done.

Two years ago Akhil had the opportunity to work in the University of West Indies, Jamaica. During that time, we watched broadcasts from 3ABN and in particular enjoyed the sermons on The Revelation of the Coming King by Dr Ranko Stefanovic. One day accidentally I happened to watch your seminar on the Revelations and that caught my attention. I loved the seminars and enjoyed very much but it was broadcast only once a week. At that time, (end of 2013) we were also moving back to Sweden. After settling down, I did a google search on you and came across your website and started listing to your seminars. Both Akhil and I, eagerly watch the seminars during weekends. We are greatly Blessed and have learnt more about the book of Revelations which is hard to understand. The fact that you point everything to the Bible is so interesting. True Bible interprets Bible! Often our son Joshua aged 10 tells me “Mama aren’t you watching Taj today”. While we are watching he is playing or reading a book but I am sure he is also listening.

How Blessed are those people who get to participate in the seminars and often I wonder if only I had that privilege of attending the seminars! I should not be complaining because I get to watch them sitting at home.

Sweden is a beautiful country but it needs prayers because people have forgotten God and also the older generation have not passed on the faith to the younger generation. The people are very much dependent upon the System (Government). But of course there are a few faithful ones.

Pastor Taj please remember our family in your prayers and specially pray for Joshua. We want him to know the Lord in a personal way and never ever walk away from Him. It is a great challenge to bring up the child in the Lord amidst this highly secular surroundings.

Just yesterday we finished watching the seminar titled Antichrists greatest Deception. We are planning to buy your CDs and send it to India so that our loved ones can watch these seminars and be Blessed.

May the Lord Bless you, your wife and the Ministry richly in Christ.

Love and Prayers,


I recently saw a presentation on 3ABN by Taj Pacleb and I was glad to see it again this evening. I had felt that 3ABN had lost its vision as many of the good speakers were no longer being aired.

I was so encouraged to hear your straight messages and I want to thank you and praise God that he called you into this marvelous light. It is so wonderful seeing young men taking up the banner of truth. God bless you and your ministry.

D. Svensson

I learned more of your simple explanation of difficult topics in 30 days than many years of study.

- Johanna Brand, D.Ph., H.D.Th
Revelation of Hope Seminar, Kahului, Maui June 2013

This year I’m so thankful that my faith and my hubby’s faith have been revived and thank you to the Revelation of Hope team for helping to make that possible…I’ve never felt so content until after I accepted all that Jesus has blessed me with and has sacrificed for me…can’t wait to rededicate my life to Him through baptism in January!

- Karissa Baker
Revelation of Hope Seminar, Kahului, Maui June 2013

Alcohol and Nicotine were my LIFE! I couldn’t always afford my addiction so I would lie to my family to score some cash to heed my addiction! I could down an 18 mixed with shots and still want more! Once I had a drink, I didn’t know how or when to stop!! Cigarettes were a must!! It didn’t help that my husband had the same addictions as I did!! Sad to say my bad habits came before my children Today it’ll be almost 4 months since I’ve kicked those habits! 4 months may not be much to you, but it’s everything to me and family!! God is GOOD!!

Revelation of Hope Seminar, Kahului, Maui June 2013

Dear brother Taj,

It is almost a week now since we part and the memory lingers vividly in our hearts. Your messages were powerful as always, you took us up to heaven as you speak of it, and it is sad to realize that we come down to real life again as you part from us. But thank you Taj, you messages reiterated the basis of our faith, the glory of that glorious day that we are about to see soon, you ushered us higher in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. Taj, thank you for calling us one of the most beautiful people on the planet, please pray that we will be and remain so until the end of time, and above it all, that we can be a witness of Christ to others. Brother Taj, you have been a great blessing for all of us, an inspiration to all young people, a model to look up to. Thank you so much for coming to Bali Bible Camp 3, for the presentations that moved us all and for showing us what it is like to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. And like you said, “til we meet again!”

God bless you abundantly,

David/Karen, Herri/Asnida, Stanley/Jill, Ester, Dana, Agus, Lyan, Desy, and the rest of your family in Bali.

Thank you Revelation of Hope team for everything. You guys gave your all and sacrificed so much to bring us the good news message and my Ohana will be forever grateful. Thank you God for using this team to open our eyes and hearts!

Jon & Karissa
Revelation of Hope Seminar, Kahului, Maui June 2013

SUBJECT: July 9, 2011

If my subject title doesn’t prompt memories, I like to remind you that you guys were in Captain Cook for the Revelation Seminar. I am so grateful even today I have been attending, for it has completely changed my life. Two years later, I am still going strong, and even more delighted that I am on the Adventist pathway of truth. I hope you are all very well, and I am so grateful that there are people like you to hold and carry the torch of truth around the world. I wish you all the best at your mission. Much appreciation for that you were so unconditionally available to the Holy Spirit that summer 2 years ago, and were able to impress its divine message upon me. I will forever be grateful.

Revelation of Hope Seminar, Captain Cook, Big Island, Hawaii June 2011

Aloha Taj,

I hope everyone had a safe flight back to the mainland. I just wanted to send a quick note thanking everyone for the past month in Kahului. Going from receiving a flyer for a seminar that I had no interest in, to attending every single lesson and then to being baptized this past Sabbath has been a very emotional and spiritual journey for me. And I know this is just the beginning. I feel very blessed to have met you and your team and I will be forever grateful that the Lord brought you to Kahului. My sons also attended all of the children’s classes and really loved going every night and learning. My 6 year old whispered “I choose Jesus” in my ear before bed last night. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

God Bless,
Revelation of Hope Seminar, Kahului, Maui June 2013

Hi Taj,

Thank you for helping my daughter Chelsey to go all the way for Jesus. I also wanted to thank you for presenting the truth in a easy to follow and loving manner. We were studying with Johnna and Eugene for a few years and and they didn’t seem to grasp all of the truths that were presented. God has answered three of our prayers and we will try to wait patiently for the rest to be answered.

Uncle Joey
Revelation of Hope Seminar, Kahului, Maui June 2013

Aloha Taj!

Mahalo nui loa for the wonderful Revelation Hope Seminar, God is good, He brought you to us in His time and had big plans for all of us! I have been an Adventist now for fourteen years and been blessed with the Spirit of Prophecy. Your visit has helped my family and I appreciate our faith even more. The information is there, it’s just a matter of allowing the Holy Spirit into our hearts to open that door a little wider! Take care and may God bless you and your beautiful Maui sweet onion Wati. Until next time…a hui hou…if not, then see you in heaven.

Revelation of Hope Seminar, Kahului, Maui June 2013

Please let Taj & his wife & the singers & just anyone in the group how much I enjoyed the time I got to spend listening to the music & Taj’s wonderful messages…they have no idea how they all have touched my life in such a positive wonderful way & have allowed me to open my heart again with love rather then hurt & anger :) I am grateful & so thankful to all of you!

Hugs & aloha love you.

Revelation of Hope Seminar, Kahului, Maui June 2013

Hi Taj, I thank the Lord for our meeting on the plane as I have been so blessed by your sharing of the meaning of the word. Even with only a few evenings, I am reading the bible with different eyes. Before it has just been a story with a few hidden punch lines. I tell my students in nursing that it is all about the vocabulary. If you miss a meaning or a spelling it could turn out another way. Thanks for the enlightened new vocabulary. Aloha and may God continue to bless your ministry.

Revelation of Hope Seminar, Kahului, Maui June 2013

I am blessed to be a part of that seminar. I thank God that prompted me to participate to the end of the seminar. I learned a lot of things and I enjoyed every minute I spent there. The whole seminar brought clarifications of a lot of things for me and why they happen. On the parting day, I felt like that day was not created but I found solace in the fact that whatever has a beginning must has an end. Your made it harder by bringing every body on the altar but I understand that you were bringing us together just like God brought his disciples together. In short, I was overwhelmed with everything but I thank God for giving me the privilege to participate in the seminar. Our good God will continue to guide and protect you guys while backing on this journey of spreading the good news about Christ. I pray that God will give people the mind he gave me to accept everything taught at the seminar. Because everything he said was the truth and nothing but the truth. May God will give you more knowledge and understanding of him. God will send his Holy angels to shield you from any form of accident till the end of your journey on earth.


Revelation of Hope Seminar, Campbell, CA. May 2013

May the blessings of God be upon you Taj and upon your wife.

I pray that all is well for the both of you. I realize how Satan must be so angry towards you, but the prayers of the Saints and your stern belief has protected you. I continue to pray for you as you bring souls into the Kingdom.

There is not a day or a time at church where someone remembers what you have said during the Prophecy Seminar that touched them with the truth. I know that the truth has given me a great personal resolve to better honor God and the commandments. Taj you provide the hope that we have been looking for in these end times. It is a wonderful and joyful hope that all can participate in.

Your 21 day seminar message at Hillcrest SDA Church has saved me by opening my eyes to the world that we live in. We can no longer ignore all the warning signs of the end that is coming soon for all of us. Your presence is a constant reminder of the mercy of God to all who remain faithful.

I realize how important your message was for me (a learned man and a man of accomplishment) who was stubborn and prideful. I already had God in my life, but I didn’t know God in my life. I finally learned who the real God is and how Satan had me fooled like many Christians who are too easily lead astray by believing without aligning their beliefs to the comparative word of Scripture. I have found the truth in 3 weeks after searching for it over a life time.

It’s time for me to put my gifts to work for God. I have held back for too long and time is of the essence. Your message is one that can reach the whole world through the printed word and end the confusion that separates us from knowing and loving the one and only true God through faith in Christ Jesus.

Be blessed always, and all that are with you.

- Gil

Dear Taj,

I just want to say thank you so much for the wonderful time we all have during the seminar. It was an awesome and inspiring. I learned a lot and never had this type of experience. The last Sabbath was the best day of my life. God is using you to bring us so much blessings. I’m praying for you so God will continue to use you to the end to bring more people to his kingdom.

Ruth Vizcarra
Revelation of Hope Seminar, Mountain View, CA September 2012

Hey Taj. Last night’s message was such a blessing, particularly the last part where you made us realize just how great the emotional and mental suffering Christ had gone through on Calvary when he was separated from God for the very first time. There were many a tearful eye that night. One of them went home and tearfully told her newly wed non Christian husband of the transparent wall of new Jerusalem, and how she desperately wanted them to be together in the end. But he got angry with her saying that she was trying to change him and that he wouldn’t go with her to church anymore. She cried all night and slept only a few hours. But when she got up in the morning to prepare his lunch for work, he told her that he wanted to have a happy marriage so asked for the address and said he would be there tonight. Praise God!

Revelation of Hope Seminar, Mountain View, CA September 2012

Praise the Lord for such servants who are willing to spread the Gospel, even when they have a hectic schedule. Our Tongan Youth have been blessed by the message of the Sanctuary from God’s faithful servant, Taj Pacleb, also, messages through music from Taylor Faaiu . Although it was just a few days, the seed has been planted and minds are being awakened and lives are beginning to think about their eternal future, and not their earthly future. God is definitely trying to prepare His people before He returns. Thank you Jesus for your mercy. He is giving us time, let’s use it wisely. Praise be to God!

Lesieli Heimuli
Tongan Campmeeting, Leoni Meadows August 2012 

Thank you, my friend, for being a blessing in Japan and for me personally. My wife Grace and I praise God for you living the the word and walking the talk. I will be always looking forward to give you and Wati a big “aloha” hug and firm “Russian” handshake. God bless you, Taj! Until we meet again!

Dmitry Lossev
Youth Japan Adventist Movement (YJAM), Tokyo, Japan

Hey brother Taj! It feels like forever since the series we held at our church. but i wanted to tell you of some of the awesome things that it did for us, especially the youth. I grew up in the Bakersfield Central church but not ONCE felt connected. and the simplicity of the messages you shared and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to the people in our church changed the WHOLE feeling of our congregation. We all feel like we are one big family! Now for the youth, it’s been AMAZING! You know how Rey stayed back a while with us, well we got to plan a mission trip to Honduras and it was the best experience of my life as well as many of the other 19 that went! It was seriously life-changing. It was so awesome to be able to lead it as well. It’s awesome how God leads us into opportunities that He knows will give us great joy! I am now the youth ministry leader at our church and Joe Figures is going to AFCOE to train to be our youth pastor! EVERY single one of the young people that went on the mission trip want to go again because they want to serve God by serving others! That gives me enough joy to last a lifetime! Its amazing thing after amazing thing! God is so good! So I wanted to let you know that by you serving the Lord and going around and doing His work, you are touching peoples lives and really making an impact! I have heard that you are coming to Bakersfield again maybe! to Hillcrest and I am very excited because we would love to help with whatever you need! God bless brother and tell Wati I said hi!

Kaytlyn Bullard
Revelation of Hope Seminar in Bakersfield, CA February 2012

Brother Taj, I just finished listening to your sermon “A New Song” that you preached in Advent Hope. I was very blessed, a message of hope and encouragement, exactly what I needed – a fresh commitment. I’ll try to send you the song I wrote as my personal response to this message soon.

God bless you and your wife in your ministry,

- Erwin

Hi Brother Taj, praise the Lord for being God’s messenger! The word of God awakened me from living in my wrong religious beliefs. It enlightened me and opened my eyes to see the truth.Thank you for coming to Kauai and touching my life. More power to you and everybody.

Letty Martinez
Revelation of Hope Seminar in Lawai Valley, Kauai June 2012

I walked in (the church) and saw some Young wipper snapper trying to preach and didn’t expect such a powerful message. Thanks for coming to help brighten up this PUC area. You really have a spiritual gift. May the Lord continue to bless you and share your blessing with many more.

Ju-hyun Stanton
ARME Bible Camp XL, Pacific Union College

I just wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful seminar that you gave here in Fresno. Your passion and the energy you presented has inspired me and my family. Thank you, for rekindling my faith in God and His Son, Jesus Christ!!!!

Revelation of Hope Seminar in Fresno, CA March 2012

Hey Brother Taj!

I have so appreciated your ministry, your straightforward style. You explain things very well and bring to light beautiful truths. Wishing you many blessings for all your commitment and hard work. Thank you and God speed.

Jack and Naomi
Watsonville, CA

I’m usually the guy that shows up around 11:45 and sits in the back of church. People would see me and say, “That’s good, Rob finally got here.” Well, I’m finally here. For 32 ½ years I’ve been just visiting the church, my head stuck in the sand as it were, walking in darkness, and I finally had the light revealed to me. My eyes were opened, my ears can hear and I heard His voice calling me… Family, I know that many of you wanted me to officially join. I’m joining the church and I guess you’re going to be stuck with me for a while.

Revelation of Hope Seminar, Bakersfield, CA March 2012

Hey Brother Taj!

I don’t have words to express my joy! I’m so happy brother! Today I received the package you sent… You don’t know what you have done! The worth of the great stuff you have sent me can only be measured in eternity! From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you so much…. Thanks for the love that you’ve shown to me! I love you too brother & may The Almighty God bless you abundantly & may your ministry bring a huge harvest to our Lord. Its my prayer that you’ll continue to support me & others who are in need of your materials especially here in Africa.

Evens Wekesa
Kenya, Africa

Praise the Lord for your sermon “The Extravagant Gift”. The Lord really spoke through you and convicted my heart. I thank you for helping me realize what it truly means to have a contrite heart and truly be repentant. God bless and keep you.

ARME Bible Camp, Pine Springs Ranch 2012

Hi Taj, a year ago I had the privilege of meeting you and the entire crew when I attended your 30-day Revelations Seminar in San Jose, CA. I`ll never forget you & the impact you & the seminar had on my life. It was life-changing for me in the most positive way : )


Beloved Evangelist Taj Pacleb,

Greetings! Grace and Peace be with you! I have received your CD tapes yesterday, I have been excited to see and hear your wonderful and encouraging messages. I’m glad to meet you, a man of God. I do believe God has a great agenda for our divine connection. I am a Pentecostal pastor and it has been a huge blessing for me to hear your message over and over again. I have learned so much! It is my prayer that our divine connecting will never end and I hope you will be willing to assist and mentor me. I repeat, I am really blessed by the very wonderful message I have heard. I will be praying one day you’ll be coming here to the Philippines conducting some evangelistic activities. Please Sir I just want to ask: Do have a Filipino blood? I pray that God will use you more mightily in this generation. Please don’t forget your friend in His vineyard. Lastly, please send my warm regards to your church …God bless you.

Your brother in the Lord,
Pastor Dodong Berangberang
I Am Ministries Church

(Email from a Pentecostal Pastor in the Philippines who received & watched my DVD’s)

Pastor Taj,

My name is Dickson Omosa, and I am a Kenyan currently working in Somaliland….There are no churches here in my duty station because it is a conservative muslim country and I always spend the Sabbath indoors listening to audioverse and reading spiritual literature from EGW and other authors. God has given me the privilege of listening to a couple of your sermons and I must say you’ve been a great blessing in my life. Your sermons have impacted my life tremendously…I hope some day soon you will come to Kenya for an evangelistic mission….

Meanwhile, the Holy spirit has prompted me to start a supportive lay ministry in Kenya and I need fervent prayers on this matter. Blessings to you and your family!

(Facebook Message)
Somaliland, Kenya

Dear Pastor Taj,

Warmest greetings from the Philippines. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude to God for sending you to the Philippines. Through you I was able to know Jesus, His truth and the gift of salvation. January 16, 2010, my baptism was the best day of my life. It is the day when I accepted Jesus and asked Him to reign in my life. I will always look back to the Revelation of Hope Seminar with sincere gratitude. Your coming to our country changed my life… Pastor, thank you so much for the DVD series and the encouraging note you sent for me. I am so happy beyond words. I receive them yesterday, and started listening to each one. I will cherish these treasures. I will keep them as long as I live. But more than these things, I am so grateful for the chance to look forward to Jesus soon return and for that I thank you. May God return to you a hundred folds the blessings I receive through you. Send my regards to your lovely wife Wati. Looking forward to seeing you in heaven,

Truly yours,
-Jelyn (formerly Catholic girl who was baptized.)
Revelation of Hope Prophetic Seminar, January 2010
Manila, Philippines


Even though the weather was freezing, I kept warm through the blessings you and your gang passed out this past week. Awesome! Just amazing. You know, this has been the best Sabbath I have had in years and the first Sabbath that I felt disappointment when it ended. Hearing the testimonies of your team was VERY encouraging to me. I felt hope and reassurance in that the trials I face, I am not alone in and I can overcome them (with God’s help of course). Hearing God speak through you, to me, felt like a gentle rebuke submerged in genuine optimism. It was a rebuke when I thought to myself, “This guy is only a couple years older than me…so why is it that he is going around spreading the Word to all nations, kingdoms, and tongues while I’m just sitting around getting fat off of God’s word?” I realize now that I am spiritually constipated. Going to seminars, retreats, and bible studies; taking it all in but not doing much to push it out towards others. I wondered why that was and how my passion for God turned so passive over the years. Thanks for the wakeup call Taj (…Pastor Taj…are you are real pastor or a bootleg one ? I guess it doesn’t matter either way you have been a powerful spiritual influence in my life). To much is given, much is expected and I have not been meeting God’s expectations. By the end of the week, I felt a cool breeze of spiritual optimism. It has given me great hope to believe that I will be in your shoes someday. Going forth and baptizing not with water but with fire from the Holy Spirit as you are doing. The messages presented spoke personally to me. I have found a desire to once again give Christ my all so that when my “Euroclydon” comes I will have enough oil to not only last through the night but deliver a powerful knockout punch to the enemy. I want God to use me like He uses you…no I take that back, I want God to use me more. Thank you so much for coming out to Andrews University. You are always welcome here. I hope you will make many more visits to Andrews in the future, and if you don’t have a place to stay or food to eat, I will gladly share my ramen noodles with you  May God continue to spread magnificent blessings on your team, your family and yourself both now and forever.

 Your sister in Christ,
-Tina (Student at Andrews University)
REVIVE: “The Urgency of Now” Weekend Revival, February 2010
Berrien Springs, Michigan 

It was your teaching that brought the truth of the Bible into the heart, something that is rarely experienced nowadays with all these confusing teachings. I know that it is the Lord who used you to enlighten our minds and give us knowledge that comforts and inspires us to be obedient to the Lord. Moreover the way you talk seems to remind us of the kindness yet uncompromising spirit of the Lord. Your seminar simply inspired me to be more faithful on the truths revealed in the scriptures. May you be strong, faithful and brave in your mission in other places. “You saved my life.”

Revelation of Hope Prophetic Seminar, January 2010
Manila, Philippines

Dear Brother Taj,

Thank you and your team for taking time to share with us… Though I have listened to sermons about lukewarmness before I have never heard messages in such clarity… This “Revelation of Hope” evangelism I see as a last powerful call of our Father in Heaven to our church here in Berlin… May the Lord protect and keep you on fire, you as well as Brethren Taylor and Gabriel (including the Revelation Singers & other bible workers)!

Your Sister in Christ,
Revelation of Hope Revival, March 2010
Berlin, Germany

I thank God for you broth’a man. I’m glad that He sent you our way to help others plus me. I thank Him everyday for you. He has helped me overcome my drinking since the seminar. I was a real heavy drinker for about 10 yrs. Now I don’t have a craving for it. Thank God for His strength. I humbly ask for your powerful prayer for me this Sabbath as I have the privilege to speak His Word during divine service. Please pray for me and our youth (ST). Thanks again Pastor for your faith and also for the blessing you laid upon my marriage. God bless you and your wife.

Revelation of Hope Prophetic Seminar, June 2010
Waianae, Hawaii 

Aloha my dear Brother!

My heart was filled with tears of joy and praise as you shared you testimony in the church today… What a life changing testimony for me… Praise God for a loving and caring mom who prayed for you… And what a beautiful and lovely wife God has given you…(behind a good husband stands a good wife) I’m so thankful for your wonderful wife… My heart was rekindled with a greater passion for Christ by all the sermons you preached every night… I pray that God will continue to give you more revelations to share with our brothers and sisters who are lost in the darkness of this world.

“Rekindling the Passion” Week of Revival, August 2010
Hilo, Hawaii

By the grace of God I am listening to your sermons on Audioverse. I’m from Australia and I just started going to church recovering from a heroin addiction from 1997. I’m yet to be baptized taking the greatest leap of faith one human can do. Please put more sermons. I like the way God is wiring you and your family.

(Facebook Message)